Martin Coleman - October 24, 2019

Getting to grips with Revelation - Week 3

Getting to grips with Revelation - Week 3

The final week of our three week journey through the book of Revelation.

From Series: "Getting to grips with Revelation"

Revelation is an apocalyptic, prophetic vision in the form of a letter that draws back the curtain on what is happening in the world and shows us the spiritual realities behind it. But many of us find it confusing, some may find it frightening, others use it to make all sorts of wacky predictions and draw unhelpful timelines, and so we are tempted to throw our hands up in the air and avoid studying it altogether. Well, I want to dive into it over three Wednesday evenings and try and help us get to grips with what is ultimately a fascinating and powerfully impacting book that God has given to us for our good.

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