Below are five areas that we believe God desires us to specifically focus upon as we fulfil our mission and move forward into a more focused and fruitful future as a local church;

1. To be a church that has Prayer as our heartbeat:

We want to see prayer become the first priority in everything we do; the actual power and pump that we rely on to survive and thrive.

We want to see our prayer gathering become an increasingly vital and vibrant event in the life of the church, to serve as a clear and visible expression of our corporate heart.

2. To be a church that is serving our community:

We see a church that helps meet the needs of the communities of Bulwark & Thornwell, as the first step in connecting them to Jesus

3. To be a church that is built for continued growth:

We see a church with simple and effective leadership and management structures, that strengthens and supports our ministry and mission.

4. Is Growing Together

We see a church that actively encourages and intentionally helps people grow as disciples of Jesus.

5. To be a church that is continually Generous

We see a church that is generous in our giving to projects, organisations and activities for the sake of the gospel.